How Goosemeadow was established

Goosemeadow is a small, road-less stretch of wilderness behind Inari in Finnish Lapland. From us it was only Martti who had seen the place when we decided to buy it as a place to put our cabin in the early staged of our life together. Martti asked from other neighbors in the surrounding area if the owner was right in saying, “No ones crazy enough to build there!” We paddled by canoe along the river for the first time together to look at the place, Sanna broke down into tears, “Have we bought ourselves nothing but reeds?” In the end, at the stem of the river we also found hard ground, and the hill, which would be the site for our cabin. On the banks of the river there were wooden remains of an old shelter, a memorial to a bygone era of goose hunters. And so there, where the surrounding trees had been felled to make a shelter, we named it Goosemeadow.

Some years later, we found our, soon to be home in Puumala, in the middle of Lake Saimaa´s Niinisaari village. What had been for more than a decade desolate and uninhabited, the Koivumäki homestead was built a hundred years ago as a summer residence and was waiting to be brought back to life. It challenged us by its history and overgrown and wild appearance. Martti looked at the huge, realistic renovation work in disbelief, but we just stayed on the island and began the task of clearing the undergrowth.

The business was established with Martti´s passion to produce his hand crafted knives and axes for hikers and log-builders, and Sanna´s desire to share her own tales and delights collected from a childhood on the islands of the Saimaa archipelago. We called our life work on the Saimaa archipelago, Goosemeadow.

Goosemeadow´s way of life and business is close to nature. We live in a nice village community on the archipelago and follow the seasons of the year as they are changing. And from time to time, migration like geese, we go to Inari´s Goosemeadow for an even simpler way of life.