Natural power for everyday life

We invite you to seek sustainable well being, the ingredients of which can be found in the surrounding nature, from being close to others and from your own thoughts. Our holidays are born from taking it easy, from nature, and activities in the nature, alone, in a group or with family and friends. In addition our alternative holidays hopefully offer to you the possibility to get ideas, insights and inspiration depending on the following

  • The best for relationships

  • Strengthening parenthood

  • Enhancement of family life

  • To strengthen the bonds of friendship

  • Insights into yourself or

  • Other life-sized questions to ponder

We arrange holidays in co-operation with our partners in different parts of Finland. And so our alternative holidays can also be local to you. Our holiday programmes will change with the seasons, in different operational environments and local cultures provided wherever possible.

Our work is essentially in the nature because our existence as human beings depends on our surroundings. Nature and respect for nature activities are a necessary part of achieving well being.

Investing in human relationships and daring to join in!

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